Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's goodnight from me,and it's goodnight from him


Monday, April 17, 2006

Progress Report

So with WordPress having it's head in a bucket still today,I decided on a little clean up and to say thankyou to the many kind souls who still use my Blogger site on and off.

I was getting on average around 20 hits a day on Blogger,NO STOP,STOP LAUGHING !!
Yes ok not millions,but a steady stream of views,on WordPress I seem to be getting about 25-30 ish a day, so still very modest but an honest viewing !.
I have included charts to show my progress fairly to date.

Blogger Countries

WordPress Daily Views so far

So whether it's one or the other my readership is very appreciated,especially to all those odd ones now and again from places you'd not expect.
Let's continue together

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Here there everywhere

You put your left foot in,your left foot out,in,out,in,out,you shake it all about,you do the etc etc so on and so forth,that's what it's all about -so with WordPress tossing it's cookies today,we wait and see what's to be done ?

Blogger/WordPress/Blogger/WordPress,and so on and so on etc etc ?

Michelle is my kind of Newsreader

When you are bored and nosey,you look around for something stupid to do,well ok I do,so anyway Naked is such a place,where straight news is broadcast semi nude, YES T&A Television.
Why ?
I have no idea,but the presenter babes are hot,with for me uber newscaster Michelle getting the YES PLEASE Prize for instant interest.


Oh dear me,SOMEBODY doesn't like me very much

I frankly think someone is having a laugh or something,is it because I'm too handsome or because I'm far too opinionated or something but today,after all the shit Blogger gave me WordPress is having a bad hair day ?

F**King cheers

Friday, March 24, 2006

We're all going on a Summer Holiday

Greetings loyal bloggers
Due to the numerous technical dramas that Blogger is having,and the fact that Blogger nearly killed off my blog by deleting my template,however accidentally,and the extreme difficulty I am having posting pictures, my blog has moved to.

Whilst I am not 100% happy about moving,it is the content of ones blog that is important not it's location.
So I haven't gone away I've just moved house,so follow my NEW link to my Blog and please please please update your favourites accordingly for the same Great taste in Lerf,as they say always look on the bright side of Lerf,Bookmark my new blog please.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Englands old flag revisited

So the White Dragon or The wyvern existed only in heraldry.
The Flag itself is a factual piece of English Heritage,
It is an ancient symbol associated with the old kings of Wessex. It is a two-legged, winged dragon with a barbed tail. "Wyvern" is derived from the Old French guivre, meaning 'viper'. In recent military history, the gold wyvern on black square background was the formation sign of the 43rd Wessex Division in World War II. A wyvern on a pedestal inscribed "Wessex" was the badge of the Wessex Brigade, 1958-69, and the Wessex Regiment, 1967-95. In all of these representations, the wyvern has one leg raised.
After a brief bit more info there is slight disagreement over the exact design,but as I knew nothing about either until recently,for me either is fine !!.

We should keep in mind that England had a history long before the Normans, and the flag of Wessex betokens this. What we might nowadays call the "wyvern" is the "drake" (OE draca) or "wurm" (OE wyrm) of the West Saxons -- that is, a "dragon". The Wessex men flew a mythofaunomorphic flag of a golden dragon (as similarly the Cymru or Welsh flew a red dragon) overhead into battle. Indeed, such a golden dragon was carried by the English of King Harold Godwinsson at both of his last battles, those of Stamford and Hastings

Information from a number of sources went into this post !!,as I said before I like both,I would like to see it reborn for all in England, possibly as a canton design on the St George perhaps if not on it's own ?.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The White Dragon flag of England

This is the TRUE English National Flag of old,the Anglo Saxon English Flag- The White Dragon.

The White Dragon Flag of the English
The years around 450 AD witnessed the landing, in what was then Celtic Britain, of the first Anglo-Saxon war bands who were to go on and lay the foundation stones of what was to become the English Nation.
Two of these warrior traders, Hengest and Horsa, together with their Saxon, Angle and Jutish followers are traditionally regarded as the founders of England.
From the coast they gradually pushed inland up the rivers with small squadrons of ships whose crews became the founders of new communities as they advanced from East to West through Celtic Britain. During the next four centuries, the Saxon, Angle and Juttish settlers together with the northern Vikings, would become known collectively as the English. History records that the White Dragon was their emblem.
Various accounts of the times record many battles between armies carrying the Celtic British Red Dragon Banner (now the Welsh Dragon) and the white dragon flag of the early English.
Legend has it that the defeat of their Celtic enemies by the early English was foretold in a prophecy. It goes that in an underground lake slept two dragons. The Britons were represented by a red dragon and the English by a white dragon.
When they awoke they started fighting and the red dragon was overcome by the white one, symbolically representing the victory of the Anglo-Saxons over their Celtic adversaries.
I am 100% comfortable with the White Dragon as a genuine option for a rebirth of the old National Flag for a number of reasons.
1 This flag is a genuine piece of English History both in culture and a big what if ? had Harold won that day it would still be our National Flag.
2 This is a pure emblem untouched by fascist nutters and right wing propaganda of any sort,so can be displayed in a non threatening manner and will have no baggage.
3 I think not being a pure breed English chap,having Welsh and Irish,American and Canadian relatives,I want something I can really call mine,I was born in England etc etc,I feel 100% English even with a strong Celtic strain on my Dads side,so a rebranding of England under the White Dragon could I feel unite "various groups"under a banner they can't cry about as it is NEW, or old depending on your point of view,most importantly IT IS NOT A SYMBOL OF RAJ COLONIALISM,it is free of the Empire stigma.

Below are a few links to the White Dragon theme and English merchandise to buy.

I am sure that many of you out there know all about the true England Flag,for those who didn't,now you know,what do you think ?.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Scottish Raj may impose new time zone on England and Wales

According to a Sunday paper Scotland may get it's own time zone before very long,by staying with GMT and having England and Wales move to European time.
A Lighter Evenings Bill is before the House of Lords,which will put England and Wales in line with mainland Europe 1 hour ahead of GMT in Winter and 2 hours ahead in Summer.

This item got me curious and I found a bit of interesting gen.

In October of 2004
Kent MP Nigel Beard said devolution means Scots should not have the power to determine time for the English. (IF ONLY HE KNEW)
In a Private Member's Bill being introduced in parliament this week he wants to give English and Welsh MPs the power to change the clocks independently - and allow the Scottish parliament and Northern Irish assembly to follow if they wish.

In 1996
a Bill was put before Parliament with the intention of bringing the UK in line with Western Europe, one hour ahead of GMT in winter and two hours ahead in summer.

Isn't it funny,this MP Nigel Beard says Scots should not have the power to determine time for the English !!! and that was two years ago,yet on both the 1996 and 2004 Bills it was defeated by Scottish votes BIG F**king surprise.

So now we have the situation in exactly the way the MP didn't want,the Lords clearly stuffed full of Scots are to dictate to you and me without consultation what time zone we are in, using the same time zone as the 96/2004 Bills,but only for us poor defenseless English and Welsh who it would seem aren't clever enough to decide for ourselves.
So much for English MP's having a bit of power?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

A great example of Anti English Labour Policy

A Nazi English Council, Newark and Sherwood District Council has put it’s foot knee deep into the slop bucket of Labours anti English sleaze once more.

When Parish Councillor Michael Dowell decided to fly the England flag in the centre of an English Village he thought he would be commended for his patriotism, oh boy he was wrong.

Freakish bureaucrats, most likely all low paid extras from the 70’s Hammer House of Horror Films have ruled it….wait for it, A BREACH OF THE LAW, yes Ladies and Gentlemen, the English National Flag flown in an English Village, other than being as normal as Day follows Night, follows Day, or water is wet, the sky is blue, the English National Flag must be the only flag in the World that is illegal in it’s OWN COUNTRY.

It is reported that ANONYMOUS COMPLAINTS have been received, by anonymous complaints-read trumped up excuse to try anything they can to stop an English Flag from being publicly displayed.
Of course they got complaints the Council sat down and wrote them themselves.

The Councils main bombshell being the word England was an additional design and as such illegal!!
And amazingly that an England flag looks out of place in England, so get your head around that one ?

Friday, March 17, 2006

Commonwealth Games website let's itself and England down !!

This image is from the Commonwealth Games website.
It is showing a young swimmer who won Gold in the 200m Freestyle event.
The young man is/was representingENGLAND

The swimmer Ross Devenport is swimming for England NOT TEAM GB.

Are the webmasters at the games so hard up that they use any OLD pictures kicking around of Teams that don't go to the games ?
This is very poor and very confusing for people across the Globe viewing this page because it is hard enough for England to have a separate identity already without this botch job by CG 2006 website just reinforcing nonsense misinformation,TEAM GB DOES NOT GO TO THE COMMONWEALTH GAMES -is that clear enough now,was it so very hard for them to go and find a picture of the actual event of teams who were actually there ?TEAM GB WASN'T !!
I am not impressed in any way that they use a picture of a non existent team at the games and make some half assed mistaken non existent connection with England,if you are going to try and show an English sporting triumph,how about just getting the facts right to start with as this picture is bollocks to the competition ,how about showing this swimmer representing his own Country who WAS ACTUALLY THERE,ie in his England kit by chance.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


On the Daily Politics show yesterday,an MP captioned up as Scottish Labour said about the new Education Bill"it's really important in the way WE GOVERN OUR Children",so who is we ?.
why is a Scottish MP making sweeping statements about a Bill that is only in England,that she shouldn't be voting on,does not affect her or any of her constituents in any way or her children who the bill doesn't affect because they are Scottish?
So why did she make this stupid remark ?

BECAUSE SHE CAN that's why,Scottish,Welsh and Irish MP's can amazingly vote on bills that don't concern them,such as Tuition Fees(only in England) Foundation Hospitals(only in England),that farce over the partial smoking ban(only in England) all pushed through by MP's who had nothing to do with the Bills in question and who's constituents couldn't care less at the result as it didn't affect them.
That is the fair level playing field style of politics WE endure in England.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


This don't mention the war stuff is so old it is dead and buried, and it really annoys the daylights out of me because IT'S BOLLOCKS.

Whilst I cannot claim to know what goes on in Schools,as the article is about BRITAIN not ENGLAND,making some vague drunken extremist twaddle about the war and football is of no historical value whatsoever.
Britain was in the war NOT ENGLAND,so we, ie England, did not fight Germany Britain did, there is no such thing as a Britain Football Team(thank God) so this, we did this or that is drunken halfwits getting their history all mixed up.
Why is it that as Britain was in the war do we not see the same idiotic arguments during a Scotland or Wales or NI sporting event,they were all Brits together,blitz spirit and all that so why do their fans not promote such toilet roll news coverage ?,because they should !!.
From a personal point of view I am not bothered one bit by your average German,I couldn't give a monkeys really.
The analogy about the war is like comparing Apples and Oranges,it just doesn't fit the facts,it's just a convenient agro tool misused.


A prize for telling me what's wrong with this picture ?!!

Any takers ?

NO !

Then let me put you out of your misery

This picture is of two Badminton players who are so well known I have no idea who they are,but anyway,to my point this picture is attached to a piece on the Commonwealth Games that started today,these two players are representing England as the caption would suggest, but look,look again at their kit, it is not as one would expect that of the Nation they are representing ie England but an old picture of these two in Raj kit representing Tonyland(Britain) so making a complete nonsense of the piece as the caption and their kit contradict each other !!,so come on Daily Star whoever chooses your pictures is an idiot.

I have seen a number of misguided items along these lines in the last couple of days and it really p**ses me off that the news media really cannot seem to grasp the fact that Britain DOES NOT GO TO THE COMMONWEALTH GAMES.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


According to the CEP, Roy Hattersley,the victim of many a Spitting Image show, has come out broadly in favour of an English Parliament,saying it is a perfectly normal and required change in giving a level political playing field.

He is quoted as saying

"What would be so outlandish about having an English parliament with the same powers as those that are enjoyed in Edinburgh? Of course, the Welsh assembly would have to be upgraded to the Scottish level of autonomy. But that is going to happen sooner rather than later. And one day Northern Ireland - where devolution was pioneered - will become a self-governing province again",

"A parliament is not a daft idea. It would give the English what the Scots and Welsh already enjoy".

GOOD MAN,READ GUARDIAN ARTICLE,,1729487,00.html#article_continue


Tesco or is that now rebranded RAJCO,have well and truly,positively,flung their hand up me me style for membership of the Nazi Party,or is that New Labour ?,I forget !,anyway Rajco have done a splendid piece of how not to win friends and influence people by a stunning own goal statement on their own website.

Here,words so extraordinary you'd think it was a joke,the main dagger in English hearts is.

"we recognise the importance of buying locally in all our businesses. However, not everything can be sourced locally - and customers now expect to be able to buy what they want regardless of season or country of origin.
We have dedicated buying teams in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, whose task it is to seek out and develop relationships with suppliers. In the UK, Tesco stocks over 7,000 local products. All products are labelled with the country of origin and, where appropriate, with national flags".
Quote Tesco website

The key points to me are
customers now expect to be able to buy what they want regardless of season or country of origin.
regardless of season or country of origin.
Is that regardless of Country of origin until(heaven forbid)the product is English then the product is Labelled as mystery food from a distant galaxy far far away.

Other key point
We have dedicated buying teams in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, whose task it is to seek out and develop relationships with suppliers.
Dedicated buying teams in Scotland,Wales,and Northern Ireland
So noone at Tesco is dedicated to buying from England,that is a damning bullseye for the true evil that trickles down from Head Office.
Farmers throughout England are circumvented for the New Labour cause,so a question to you all out there.
If Tesco buy from Scotland,Wales and NI,BUT NOT ENGLAND,where do British products come from ?

Are they Scottish labelled -British or Welsh labelled - British or NI labelled - British ?
Heres a fine idea how about Tesco having someone buying English as they don't do at the moment.
My last point being
All products are labelled with the country of origin and, where appropriate, with national flags.
So as Tesco don't buy from England that explains why you and I cannot buy anything English at Tesco,such a shame 50 million possible customers ignored that's the Ratner effect for you-IGNORANCE

Monday, March 13, 2006


Checkout the new look and template,I am pretty pleased as I was dead nervous ditching the other one as you loose everything, but I felt I needed a change so I chose another one,this time similar enough to the old in general layout but with a proper heading!.
I borrowed a bit of code from the old and tweeked this one to get a fair combo of both.

Does my blog load ok and is there any obvious template issues ?

Is the layout easy to navigate ?

Do all the links work ?

Is there anything you would do differently ?

What mark out of 10 would you give the redesign of my blog ?
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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Just got this email, and I must say I'm actually quite pleased, this chappie seems to be a decent guy,but we will see when the England graphic comes out.
We plan to add the England flag in near future. If you have any wishes
flags, send us them and we will add more flags.

Best regards,
Alexander Razbakov, Developer of 3D Software
Gelios Software

Strike this one up to people power.


The Commonwealth Games starts in a few days, and of course we all know England is in it,hooray!!.

But did you know, the kind people at the Games seem to be suffering from a familiar disease,that of whitewashing England from History and modern thought and refering to the UK constantly in the Country info.

Did you know

"England occupies most of the southern two thirds of the Island of GB",no mention of Country or proud historic Nation etc etc.

compare that to Scotlands flag waving chest beating entrance.
"Scotland is A NATION in North West Europe which takes up the northern third of the island of GB"

And apparently "the UK has few mineral resources",yet "Scotlands economy is closely linked with that of the UK",So what about Englands resources then ?
"The Kingdom of Scotland was an independent State until May 1st 1707"
yet England gets this "England has not had a separate identity as a Country since 1707"

Again differing fortunes,Scotland strutting about tail feathers a blaze of colour,England a mere after thought more of a drowned Rat image,no Country no Kingdom of, no mention of Nation State.


The BBC have astonishingly been asking the question they needed to ask ages ago.


The answer is simple, and is YES

Let's check the scores on the board, 70.65% of people in England are smart only 29.35% are dumb as a brick.


And throws sand in to the face of the incontinent one Falconer who only a day or two ago said this

"no demand at all for devolution to England or the English MPs only being able to vote on English issues".

Excuse me if I laugh my head off briefly!!.

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